The Copley Endgame

byPaul Endres Jr.

Type; Media:
Painting; Oil on panel
48 X 36 inches
Signed lower right

Signed lower right: "Paul Endres Jr.".

From the Tales of the American Burden, Y-13 Post Burden (P.B.).

Number 19 in C.W. Boyle's Burden Chronology Guide: " The Cephalophoric War reached its apex at the Second Battle at Old Copley Square, later known as The Copley Endgame. After hours of combat between the U.A.L. and New Whig armies, their respective champions Jacob Coffin and David Ocampo became locked in duel. Ocampo, unequaled in strength, is shown here to be almost toying with his foe, just as Abigail Daedalus enters the fray to spare Jacob Coffin’s life. James Edgar Kurtz (far left), a lifelong acolyte of Ocampo, would famously betray the Tyrant King amid the tussle, and ultimately aid in ending the War.

Artist P.J. Endres Jr. survived during the war by creating monuments to Ocampo’s victories, but after the 'Tyrant King' had fallen in battle, he was then charged to repaint much of the Cephalophoric War from the rebel perspective. Historian CW Boyle writes, 'Like an eel, Endres Jr.’s moral compass was slippery. Perhaps it was this fear of history’s reproach, if he were to pick the wrong horse, so to speak, that kept his pictures so ambivalent.'

Endres Jr. also did a painting of the aftermath of the Copley Endgame, The Second Deaths of Jacob Coffin and David Ocampo, although this piece has never been found."

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