byPaul Endres Jr.

Type; Media:
Painting; Oil on panel
40 X 30 inches
lower right

Signed lower right: "Paul Endres Jr.".

Private commission.

From The L#ST B#YS: Paul Endres Jr.'s Children of the Burden. Year 15 Post Burden:

If the public were to learn the truth of Octavian’s counterfeit claims of eternal youth, not only would his hold on New Boston be in jeopardy but so would his life. Forever the chauvinist, Octavian had no issue burying his past, though his collaborator Everett Whipple felt increasingly guilty for his role in the forgery. Everett Whipple, suspicious of the lengths to which Octavian would protect himself, entrusted the secret to three separate parties. Of these “secret carriers”, only Theodore “Scotch” Roland remained in the city upon a hill.

Roland had fought the Cephalophoric War along side the United American League (U.A.L.) for it’s entire 11 year duration. A highly observant man, he had become a quick and efficient judge of character, a trait that ironically both aided his survival and endangered his life. Historian C.W. Boyle writes, “It was after the Battle of Mission Hill, where upon their first introduction, Roland developed an immediate aversion for Octavian whom he described as ‘the deceitful little man: an infant despot in training.” History would prove him right when 11 years later Octavian seized control of New Boston under the auspice of a lie.

Sometime during the War Roland met Lizzie Buckshot (Fig. 2) and received his now famous nickname, “Scotch”, from the clever yet altruistic rogue. The two fell in love and became the “Inseparable Scotch and Lizzie” for the remainder of the war when a series of unfortunate events befell them. Upon being informed the Secret of the Fisherman’s Flag by Everett Whipple, Lizzie Buckshot coincidentally went missing. Suspecting a larger scheme, Roland approached Octavian on her disappearance, only to be publicly charged with treason against the city of New Boston.

In this image, P.J. Endres Jr. depicts Roland on the run from his pursuers, yet refusing to leave the city without his love.

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