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INK Miami Art Fair

Join Childs Gallery at the INK Miami Art Fair in Miami Beach, Florida. Below are works that will be exhibited in our location in Suite 164 at the Dorchester. At Childs Gallery, we are dedicated to preserving our traditions of the past, while embracing the collecting trends of the present. Across all media, we are reinvigorating our offerings by juxtaposing our longstanding collecting interests with the work of contemporary artists. With printmaking in particular, we now feature a number of contemporary printmakers who work within the traditions of art – either through subject or technique –

to further the craft of printmaking.

A group of contemporary French printmakers, referred to as the Copperplate Revivalists, are modern masters of the etching technique. Within this group, Erik Desmazières, French (b. 1948) and Philip Mohlitz, French (b. 1941) both engage modern subjects through traditional techniques. The 18th century artists Callot and Piranesi are just a few of their many influences.

Similarly, a group of emerging and more established contemporary Cuban artists are also working within the traditions of printmaking, but as seen through the lens of Castro’s communism. Osmeivy Pacheco Ortega, Cuban (b. 1980)

and Sandra Ramos, Cuban (b. 1969) are two such artists. Ortega is a master wood engraver influenced by Albrect Dürer, German (1471-1528), and Ramos is the master of the aquatint, as seen in Cuadrimomentum, an homage to M.

C. Escher, Dutch (1898-1972). Childs Gallery is featuring these artists, among others, at INK Miami. Also available are prints by Robert S. Neuman and works from the Collection of Prof. and Mrs.

Daniel Bell. INK Miami Art Fair December 5 - 9 Suites of Dorchester 1850 Collins Avenue (19th St) Miami Beach, Florida 33139 For more information, including Fair hours, please visit