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Giles Laroche: Arrangements in Color

Giles Laroche is a renowned children's book illustrator whose illustrations have been exhibited at The Art Institute of Chicago, New York Society of Illustrators, the DeCordova Museum, and the Danforth Museum. He attended Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, where he studied in the abstract

expressionist lineage of Hans Hofmann. As a fine artist, Laroche translates his interest in landscape forms, cityscapes, ruins, and travels into paintings, drawings, and photo-montages. Upon first look, his paintings appear as purely non-objective abstract art, but a second glance reveals formal arrangements evocative of real

or imagined places, buildings, or even hints of living things. Maze-like paths, strewn with fossils of plant or animal life, convey a sense of both the natural world and the surreal.

The depth achieved invites the viewer to explore the paths and make their own discoveries.