The Surviving Members of the Sullivan Seven

byPaul Endres Jr.

Paul Endres Jr. | The Surviving Members of the Sullivan Seven
Type; Media:
Painting; Oil on panel
36 X 36 inches
Signed lower left

Signed lower left: 'Paul Endres Jr.'.

From the Tales of the American Burden, Y-11 Post Burden (P.B.).

Number 8 in C.W. Boyle's Burden chronology guide: 'As the Cephalophoric War continued to divide Boston, the rag tag group of guerilla fighters known as 'The Sullivan Seven', a name chosen to mock Armstrong’s 'Scalping' Seventh, fought Ocampo’s forces on one front, and maintained a shaky truce with the United American League on the other.

Silas Sullivan himself, a veteran of the botched Annexation of Nova Scotia, was known for his distrust of Whig overlords, as well as the terror that ensues when rebellions do away with order completely. In A People’s History of Burden America, historian C.W. Boyle explains Sullivan’s strategic selection process for his group: '...he chose them with tact, not only seeking out the most cunning warriors of the Burden Age, but specifically those who had been spurned by both sides, and so the group became intensely loyal, not to Ocampo nor Armstong, but to Sullivan...''

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