Abigail Daedalus Returns! The Northern Blockade

byPaul Endres Jr.

Paul Endres Jr. | Abigail Daedalus Returns! The Northern Blockade
Type; Media:
Painting; Oil on panel
48 X 36 inches
Signed upper left

Signed upper left, on sign: "Paul Endres Jr.".

From the Tales of the American Burden, Y-12 Post Burden (P.B.).

Number 12 in C.W. Boyle's Burden Chronology Guide: "Blaming the death of her husband, Arthur Daedalus, on the people of Boston, Abigail Daedalus was at one time known only for her cruel and merciless ways, an enforcer for the New Whigs. However, C.W. Boyle writes, 'It was on the steps of Fort Wixon, seeing the executions of General Montcalm and Jacob Coffin, that Abigail must have felt a shred of empathy for the rebels, which for Ocampo was a shred too much.'

With Ocampo exiling and all but killing Abigail in battle, she somehow survived for years in the Northern Territories, an odyssey that remains a mystery today even among the foremost Burden historians.

At the time, Bostonians interpreted the return of Abigail Daedalus one of two ways: she would once again punish the people of Boston, or she would save them through regicide."

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