Family Preparedness

byPaul Endres Jr.

Type; Media:
Painting; Oil on panel
48 X 36 inches
center right

Signed center on playmobil boat: "Paul Endres Jr.".

Private commission.

From The L#ST B#YS: Paul Endres Jr.'s Children of the Burden. Year 0 Post Burden:

Photographs from year-zero are extremely rare and often very valuable to Burden era art historians, let alone a perfectly preserved oil. In Family Preparedness, P. J. Endres Jr. has painted the family Greene as they brace for impact from the Collapse of history. Alert, strong, and steadfast, the entire family is united as they face an uncertain future. Antoinette and Cooper have clearly prepared their children to survive in Burden America.

The exact connection between the Greenes and Endres Jr., the doomed New Bostonian painter of The Cephalophoric War, has always baffled historians. Why this painting was made and how the two parties were involved has remained one of the chief mysteries of post-Burden art, compounded by the fact that this painting was discovered in the Forested Badlands, thousands of miles south New Boston.

However, art historian Clara Bellamy has presented a new theory in her book, “Unshakable: The Mystery of The Family Greene”. She writes in her introduction,

“…the exact whereabouts of P.J. Endres Jr. during year-zero and specifically the Collapse of history had never been discovered, until now. In the following historical account, supported by primary source documents and of course, the painting itself, I propose the only reason P.J. Endres Jr survived the Burden was because he was taken in by the Greene family, who were far more ready for disaster than the ill-prepared artist. The Greene family was one of the last bastions of true hospitality mixed with an eagerness to thrive. This painting was the artist repaying a life debt...”

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