Raphaël Jaimes-Branger
En Sueños, Dormida, Alfonsina, Vestide De Mar, 2016
Plaster, Gold leaf, and Yves Klein blue on wood
41×23 IN.

Alfonsina Storni was a poet born May 22, 1892 in Switzerland who at an early age moved to Argentina and became one of the icons of postmodernist Spanish literature. She had a life full of suffering and health problems, but her work is full of strength, courage, love and vindication for the female sex. On October 25th 1938 she committed suicide by walking into the sea at "Mar del Plata" and drowning.

In 1969 Ariel Ramirez and Felix Luna composed a song called Alfonsina from which the work derives its title: "Y te vas hacia alla / En sueños dormida / Alfonsina vestida de mar." “And you leave / Dreaming, asleep, / Alfonsina dressed in sea.”

This work is not available.