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Sculpture by Donald De Lue: Jason (or Jason, Triumph Over Tyranny), represented by Childs Gallery

Donald De Lue

American (1897-1988)

Jason (or Jason, Triumph Over Tyranny), 1948

Bronze with Renaissance brown patina and green in crevaces. Cast prior to 1986 edition of 12. Signed and inscribed on base: “De Lue / 71”, “Modern Art Foundry, NY”.

“The figure is pressing a giant tooth into the earth and raising a hand in victory over war. Although De Lue called this figure Jason, and recounted the tale of sowing the dragon’s teeth, he was more likely referring to Cadmus, who also planted dragon’s teeth which sprouted into soldiers. In the latter case, the soldiers battled each other until only five lived. Then, one cast away his weapons and said, ‘Brothers, let us live in peace!'”

from D. Roger Howlett “Donald De Lue: Gods, Prophets, and Heroes,” 1990, pg. 67.

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