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Textile by Alexander Davis: Kneepad, available at Childs Gallery, Boston

Alexander Davis


[Kneepad], 2023
Hand knitting

“Federation of Athletic Gentleman Hall of Fame” is a reimagining of LGBTQIA+ history and an offering of a new 20th century queer mythology. “Blue Laws” of the early 20th century limited the expression of gay eroticism in images through the US mail and in print publication. As a result, gay erotic imagery was often hidden behind the guise of physique photography and athletic appreciation. This set the trend for the still existing and problematic standard for male beauty contemporary LGBTQIA+ people are stuck navigating today; often exaggerated by contemporary gay artists, and social media. 

Using vintage beefcake photography from artists such as Jim Davis and Bob Mizer as inspiration, this is a series of imagined artifacts from the fictitious sports league made up of these often scantily clad gentlemen. By bringing forward the juxtaposition of originally designed and handcrafted fiber works, against the black and white erotic photographs, I hope to point out the absurdity and campiness of the initial hidden intent of these images, building on the playful sexual tension, and perhaps adding some more insight to the open secret hidden within these cheeky photographs.

Textile by Alexander Davis: Jock Strap, available at Childs Gallery, BostonQuick View
[Jock Strap]
Textile by Alexander Davis: Posing Straps, available at Childs Gallery, BostonQuick View
[Posing Straps]
Textile by Alexander Davis: Swim Trunks, available at Childs Gallery, BostonQuick View
[Swim Trunks]
Textile by Alexander Davis: Singlet, available at Childs Gallery, BostonQuick View
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