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Print by Zéphirin Belliard: Lucien Bonaparte, represented by Childs Gallery

Zéphirin Belliard

French (1798- c. 1843)

Lucien Bonaparte, circa 1822

Signed in plate. A fine impression in fine condition with full margins. Printed by Delpech, Paris. BNF Inventaire Des Fonds Francais Après 1800, v.2 p.132 #16.Luisen, or Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840), was brother to Napoléon Bonaparte. A member of the Cinq-Cents (the Directory’s law-making body), he was key to Napoléon’s rise to power in the Coup de Brumaire. However, he became disillusioned with Napoléon’s rule of France and went into self-imposed exile in 1804.

Provenence: from the collection of Charles Deering.

Signature: Signed in the stone
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