Emily Lombardo
Pillar of Hope: Feinberg at Dawn, 2017
30×22 IN.

Incapable of tracing her family heritage in Italy, Emily Lombardo found herself isolated in Pietrasanta, a small town in the foothills of the Alps. This is where many artists and sculptors come to select the marble blocks from which they carve their works. It is in this context, as lesbian female artist, reflecting on her lineage, that Lombardo set out to depict imagined monuments, made with raw materials to honor writers, musicians, and activists with the courage to create and fight to have their voices heard. These heroes paved a way for countless descendants to keep on punishing boundaries until there is no room for margins.
This piece is a tribute to activist Leslie Feinberg, who authored Stone Butch Blues and brought issues of gender identity to a more mainstream audience.

This work is not available.