after Marcantonio Raimondi, Italian (1480-1534)
Poetry Personified as a Winged Woman [After Raphael Sanzio (1483-1520)], 16th Century
6.75×5.75 IN.

Similar to Bartsch XIV.291.382; Delaborde 1887, no.155; Shoemaker and Broun 1981, no.27. An unrecorded variant plate or duplicate of B382 from within Marcantonio's workshop, or a skillful reproduction by an unidentifed artist contemporary to Raimondi (See Parshall and Landau). Inscription on lettered on slab held by putto at right 'NVMIE / AFLATV / R', to the left beneath the winged figure's feet '1542'. Signed in plate with Raimondi's monogram "MAF" upper left. Trimmed to the edge of the platemark. A fine impression in fine condition.

$ 1,800