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Painting by Paul Endres Jr.: The Epiphany Watch, represented by Childs Gallery

Paul Endres Jr.

American (b. 1985)

The Epiphany Watch, 2014
Oil on panel

Signed lower right: “Paul Endres Jr.”.

Private commision.

From The L#ST B#YS: Paul Endres Jr.’s Children of the Burden. Year 15 Post Burden:

Dante Joyce was a very well respected member of Octavian’s cabinet for he had seen more of Burden America than anyone alive in New Boston. Primary source documents have verified that when the Burden hit and history collapsed, Joyce was actually in Texas. Unbelievably, in 5-p.B., Joyce made the trek north across almost 2000 miles of chaotic continent to reunite with his husband, Ernesto Starjumper, in New Boston.  The journey, popularized in F.J. Lambert’s Dante’s Odyssey, is now a famous work of post-Burden literature.  Resolute warriors and proven survivalists, Starjumper and Joyce remained extremely valuable to Octavian throughout the Cephalophoric War.

In 14-p.B., the couple were at the Copley Endgame battle and officially helped liberate the city from Ocampo’s control. However, when the war ended Starjumper and Joyce became suspicious of Octavian’s motivations, (likely disgusted by his insatiable thirst for political power)- suspicions that proved correct. Again the couple helped topple a Boston tyrant at the Gray Hair Revolt. War weary and tired the couple certainly deserved a break, but destiny would not be so kind. When the victorious Everett Whipple went missing in the Spring of 17-p.B, Starjumper and Joyce formed The Epiphany Watch, to look for signs of divinity, and to help those who attempted to fight the Burden instead of each other.

In this image, artist P.J. Endres Jr. depicts the founders of the Epiphany Watch, Starjumper, Joyce, and their beloved dog Antoinette La Farge, in search of Everett Whipple within the old Trinity Church.

Signature: lower right
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