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Watercolor By Charles Woodbury: The Island Of Nevis [carribbean] At Childs Gallery

Charles Woodbury

American (1864-1940)

The Island of Nevis [Carribbean], 1935

Inscribed on accompanying backboard: “The Island of Nevis-1935 This picture is the property of Elizabeth Ward Perkins (Careat Rivalis)”. Also “101 Trinidad Mainland 17″ x 21” and “Dominica”. These latter two inscriptions do not pertain to this picture. Bears two stamps: “C.H.W.” and “E.W.P.” Backboard bears exhibition labels for a work entitled “Dominica” : 24th Annual Philadelphia Watercolor Exhibition, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Philadelphia Water Color Club; 7th International Exhibition of Watercolor Paintings, Art Institute of Chicago, 1927; Boston Society of Watercolor Painters. In fine condition aside from some mat toning in left and right edges of sheet.

The Island of Nevis is a 36 square-mile island near the top of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico, and just west of Antigua.

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