Robert (Bob) White
American, (1907-1986)
Twilight Sioux City (Iowa)-Returning from Work, c. 1938
Watercolor and gouache
14×22 IN.

Signed lower right: "Bob White". In fine condition. According to the staff at the Sioux City Art Center, to paint this picture, most likely "the artist was standing at 1st (or Gordon Drive) and Iowa Street and he was looking west. There was a building with the four large smoke stacks on 1st Street in the 1930s. All these building were probably part of the Sioux City Gas & Electric Company. They burned coal to make electricity for Sioux City. The buildings would have been torn down in the 1960s or soon after that." Bob White arrived in Sioux City in October 1937 to be the founding Director of the Sioux City Art Center. He submitted an oil painting to the November 2 - 11 December, 1938 Whitney Museum "Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting" titled "Return From Work." That oil painting is possibly related to this watercolor. White resigned his position "to resume professional creative work" in 1939 and left Sioux City on September 1, 1939 for Wyoming.

$ 4,800