La Serenissima: Views of Venice

On Exhibit from 01/11/2018 to 03/11/2018

Press Release

Few places in the world have sparked the collective artistic consciousness as has Venice. From its earliest moments as a critical hub of trade between the East and West, to its artistic fourishing in the Renaissance and Baroque eras, to its instrumental role in Contemporary Art, the ethereal beauty of Venice continues to inspire and delight the eye. La Serenissima: Views of Venice will feature paintings, prints, and photography of Venice from the 19th Century to today. Many of these works refect the enduring infuence of one of Venice’s most famous portrayers, James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903). Whistler’s atmospheric interpretations capture “the essence of the crumbling city: its texture, its light, its distinctive enclosed streets and piazze, and its unique ‘foating’ quality.” Venice—known as La Serenissima, The Most Serene—continues to fascinate and inspire generations of artists.