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Painting by Paul Endres Jr.: A Humane Donut Celebration Befits any Defeated Colossus, represented by Childs Gallery

Paul Endres Jr.

American (b. 1985)

A Humane Donut Celebration Befits any Defeated Colossus, 2014
Oil on panel

Signed lower left: “Paul Endres Jr.”.

From the Tales of the American Burden, Y-11 Post Burden (P.B.).

Number 7 in C.W. Boyle’s Burden chronology guide “Slaying any giant is a hardship, let alone Ocampo’s prized warrior, Gurn, the Colossus of Winthrop. Reportedly it was this defeat that forced the ‘Tyrant King’ Ocampo, to finally consider D.G. Armstrong (lower far right) and the U.A.L.’s ‘Scalping’ Seventh Regiment as a serious threat.

This image, painted by Endres Jr. well into the Cephalophoric War, captures the fatiguing group of soldiers during a small respite. Everett Whipple (upper right), who had once rallied hundreds to the U.A.L., is now encumbered with guilt and fearful of the cost of Armstrong’s vision of Boston.”

Signature: Signed lower left
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