David Aronson
American (b.1923)
Angel Choir, Panel from The Door, 1963-1969
27×32 IN.

Biemann 14. Number 1 in an edition of 12. Signed lower right: 'Aronson'. Numbered verso lower left :'1/12'. In fine condition.
Angel Choir is one of seven panels from Aronson's monumental relief The Door, measuring 8 by 4 feet and cast in solid bronze. The Door was inspired by the long tradition of cast bronze doors from Ghiberti to Rodin, particularly the famous bronze doors of the Florentine Baptistry. Aronson's door echoes his multi-paneled paintings and is divided into seven panels, each depicting an animated figural group.

The Door was cast in an edition of 8, and each of the panels was also separately cast in an edition of 12. One of the eight casts of The Door is in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

This work is not available.