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Painting By Paul Endres Jr.: C#nquer At Childs Gallery

Paul Endres Jr.

American (b. 1985)

C#NQUER, 2016
Oil on panel

Signed lower left: “Paul Endres Jr.”.

From The L#ST B#YS: Paul Endres Jr.’s Children of the Burden. Year 14 Post Burden: The King Is Dead! The King Is Dead!

The cries celebrating the death of the Tyrant King Ocampo lasted for weeks after the Battle of the Copley Endgame, where he fell in battle against united revolutionary parties. With liberators Jacob Coffin and Abigail Daedalus dead and vanished respectively, the disparate groups of survivors that remained in the deteriorating New Boston were rudderless. The impressionable remains of the United American League? s? Scalping? Seventh Regiment, who fought so hard to unshackle their home in the Cephalophoric War, were simply tired of the fight. Now, almost 15 years since the Collapse of history known as THE BURDEN, it seemed the scales would finally be in their favor. The universe had provided them a post-apocalyptic playground, free of Orwellian tyrants, know-it-all role models, or pesky moral codes. Forever descendants of the Seventh in their hearts, their rivals would provide them with a new mantle during the coming months, THE LOST BOYS.

In C#NQUER, a small handful of the three dozen or so lost boys set their sights on NEW BOSTON. Of particular note, present is Crispin Contra who was, at this time, unbeknownst to the much larger role he would play over the coming years. A trusted friend and confidante of Octavian, Contra was free to do as he pleased, likely seeking out whatever whim he fancied. Like the assassin Lord Monmouth many of the lost boys would develop a near-obsessive appetite for the increasingly rare substance: sugar. Endres has given us a glimpse into their wild hunt for pastries.

Signature: lower left
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