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Painting by Paul Endres Jr.: Childs Gallery and the Great Aquinas Gambit, represented by Childs Gallery

Paul Endres Jr.

American (b. 1985)

Childs Gallery and the Great Aquinas Gambit, 2014
Oil on panel

Signed lower center: “P.J. Endres Jr.”

From the Tales of the American Burden, Y-12 Post Burden (P.B.).

Number 11 in C.W. Boyle’s Burden Chronology Guide: “Almost immediately after “Protector” Ocampo came into power, he took certain measures to ensure the suffocation of Bostonian dissent. The construction of the makeshift Blockage shut the city out from the rest of Burden America, while countless regulations were placed on the people within, including bans on public assembly and non-Ocampo imagery.

On June the 11th a small but defiant group gathered in front of Childs Gallery in what would later be known as the Great Aquinas Gambit, a ruse of the most epic scale. Ocampo, blind with rage, would be forced to deal with such defiance personally, a mistake that would allow an old enemy the opportunity to slip into Boston unnoticed, the vengeful Abigail Daedalus.”

Signature: Signed lower center
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