Albert Decaris
French (1901-1989)
Combourg Series: Storm-Lashed Ramparts, c. 1928
10×7 IN.

10 in an edition of 30. Signed in pencil lower right: "Decaris"; numbered in pencil lower left: "10/30". Titled in pencil in lower left margin by Samuel Chamberlain: "Storm-Lashed Remparts". Watermarks are "Combourg" along the top margin and "Marais a la main" along bottom margin. A fine impression in fine condition with margins measuring between 1 and 2" all around.
Illustrated in a limited luxury edition of "Combourg", the first of 3 parts of Mémoires d'outre-tombe" (Memories out of the tomb), the posthumous autobiography of François-René de Chateaubriand (French 1768-1848). Illustrated by Albert Decaris. Paris: Le Fuseau Chargé de Laine, 1928. Illus. p. 32. Decaris also made outside editions of 30 signed, numbered impressions of the Combourg series, to which this impression belongs.

$ 475