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Print by Georg Pencz: Dido Committing Suicide, represented by Childs Gallery

Georg Pencz

German (c. 1500-1550)

Dido Committing Suicide, circa 1500-50

Bartsch 85; The Illustrated Bartsch 85; Hollstein p. 225. Inscribed and initialed with artist’s monogram in plate: ‘-Dido- / CP’. A fine, silvery impression in fine condition, aside from slight foxing and spots of discoloration, slight wormhole lower left, and adhesive remnants verso, trimmed to platemark.

Bartsch assigns it to Pencz. Noted by Hollstein as catalogued under Pencz in all printrooms.

Dido is the Queen of Carthage from Virgil’s Aeneid. The scene depicts the scene from (Book IV), when, with Aeneas and his fellow Trojans having set sail from Carthage, Dido fells herself upon his sword, by what she deemed the bridal bed of her and Aeneas. The logs scattered beneath her are shown for the funeral pyre she throws herself upon after using the sword.

Signature: monogrammed in plate