Antoine-Joseph Chollet
Eugène de Beauharnais
8×6 IN.

Date range: 1824-1848. Inscribed in plate lower left: "Delpiné par Fritz Millet"; inscribed in plate lower right: "Gravé par Chollet"; inscribed in plate lower center: " Geny-Gros, rue du Plâtre 28. Paris. / Eugène de Beauharnais." A fine chine applique impression in fine condition aside from eighth-inch tear lower right, with at least quarter-inch margins. After a drawing by Fritz Millet. Printed by Geny-Gros. BNF Inventaire Des Fonds Francais Après 1800, v. 4 p. 539.
Eugène de Beauharnais was stepson to Napoléon Bonaparte through his first marriage to Joséphine de Beauharnais. Napoleon remained impressed with the charm and charisma of his stepson, and confided in him even after his difficult divorce with Joséphine. Napoléon made Eugène de Beauharnais his viceroy in Italy.

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