Katsukawa Shunsen
Japanese (1762-1830)
Hitomoto of Daimonji House Playing a Shakuhachi
Color woodblock
14×9 IN.

From the series "Parodies of Puppet Plays." Signed on block right center: "Shunsen ga"; title and other information inscribed on block upper left and upper right. Kiwame censor seal right center. Publisher's seal right center: Wakasaya Yoichi. A fine oban impression in fine condition aside from light staining in corners and general light paper wear and toning, with no margins.
In this print, the courtesan Hitomoto of Daimonji-ya imitates a scene in the ninth act of Chushingura. As indicated in the inset upper right, this scene involves a komuso, or a travelling monk who plays a shakuhachi with his face hidden by a large hat in order to earn money.

$ 2,500