Toyohara Chikanobu
Japanese (1838-1912)
Kataoka Gado III as Nagoya Sanza, 1885
Color woodblock
13×9 IN.

Actor's name and role inscribed on block upper left: "Kataoka Gado" and "Nagoya Sanza"; publisher's information inscribed on block lower left: "Fukuda Kamajiro." A fine oban tate-e impression in fine condition with no margins.
This print depicts the actor Kataoka Gado III (1872-1895) in the role of Nagoya Sanza, the hero of the play "Scabbards Brushing in the Yoshiwara." The play was written by Tsuruya Nanboku IV in the early 1820s, and it one of the most popular "Eighteen Kabuki Plays," compiled by Ichikawa Danjuno VII in 1840.

$ 500