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Watercolor by John Absolon: Landscape with Roller, represented by Childs Gallery

John Absolon

British (1815-1895)

Landscape with Roller

In fine condition. Exhibited November 1966 at J.S. Maas & Co. Ltd., London. Absolon exhibited sixteen pieces at the Royal Academy from 1834 (when he was only 19 years old) to 1874. The titles of these exhibited works, such as Tête-è-Tête and Opie when a boy reproved by his mother, suggest that they were genre scenes, depicting incidents from everyday life. Absolon also exhibited at the British Institution and the New Water-Colours Society, and in 1839 earned membership in the latter organization. Absolon’s paintings often provided the design for popular prints by Edward Radclyffe (1810-1863).