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Print by Honore Daumier: Lecture du Moniteur (Reading of the Moniteur), represented by Childs Gallery

Honore Daumier

French (1808-1879)

Lecture du Moniteur (Reading of the Moniteur), 1843
Newspaper lithograph

Third in the series Scènes Parlimentaries of 6 numbered 1-7, published in “le Charivari” May 24 1843. Delteil 1020, State iii/III. Inscribed in plate lower left: “Chez Pannier Edit R. du Croissant, 16.”; lower right: “Imp. d’Aubert & Comp”; lower center: “Lecture du Moniteur/-Ah! voici que le Moniteur donne en entier le discours de mon mari…je vais vous lire cela . . . il n’a que trente deux colonnes . .. après ça nous prenderons du thé. -Du thé et de l’opium! . . . quelle soirée chinoise! . . .” [Reading of the Moniteur / -Ah! here the Moniteur has my husbands speech in full . . . I will read it to you . . . it is only 32 columns . .. after that we will have tea . . . – Tea and opium! . . . what a Chinese evening! . . .]; upper center series title: “Scènes Parlimentaires”; upper right series number: “3”. A fine impression in fine condition, aside from some soiling and foxing and a crease which runs through center of image, with slightly trimmed margins.

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