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Print By Utagawa Yoshiiku: Moon Silhouette Of Kabuki Actor Aizou At Childs Gallery

Utagawa Yoshiiku

Japanese (1833-1904)

Moon Silhouette of Kabuki Actor Aizou, 1867
Color woodblock

From the series “Makoto no Tsuki Hana no Sugata-e.” Signed on block right center: “Ikkesai Yoshiiku-hitsu”; series title inscribed on block upper right. Aratame censor and date seal lower left. Publisher seal lower left: Hirooka-ya Kousuke. A fine oban impression in fine condition aside from missing corner lower right, with trimmed margins.

Main image is the silhouette of the Kabuki actor Aizou with his poem in his handwriting; inset is a portrait of Aizou.

Signature: signed on block
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