Charlotte Bonaparte [Napoleon]
French (1802-1839)
Napoleonis Mater [Napoleon’s Mother — Laetitia Bonaparte], 1835
7×7 IN.

BBF Inventaire de Fonds Français apres 1800, 4. Signed in plate. A fine impression in good condition with minor foxing and two tears in the full margins not affecting printed areas. Inscribed and signed: "Charlotte Napoléon del.t Roma 1835 ... Lith. Ballagny. / Napoleonis Mater". Laetitia Bonaparte (1750-1836) was mother to Napoléon Bonaparte. Also known as Madame Mère, she was the great figurehead of the family, and counselor to all of her royal children. After Napoléon's fall she retired to Rome.
Charlotte Bonaparte, daugher of Joseph, the king of Spain, was born in Paris in 1802. She married Charles-Louis Napoléon, the second son of Louis in 1827. She made lithographs after her stepfather. This lithograph depicts Loetitia Bonaparte at the age of 84.

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