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Paul Gavarni

French, (1804-1866)

“N’est ce pas, ma mere…”, 1840

Armelhaut & Bocher 577, State ii/II. Plate 12 from the series Les Enfants Terrible, published in Le CHarivari, June 19 1840. Inscribed in upper center: “Les Enfans Terribles [sic]”; upper right: “N°12”; lower center: “Par Gavarni”; lower left: “Chez Bauger R. du Croissant: 16” and lower center: “Chez Aubert g. Vero-Dodat” and lower right: “Imp d’Aubert & Cie”. Inscribed lower center: “N’est-ce pas, ma mère, que c’est bien vilain de dire: vous m’embêtez? Eh! bien, ma bonne a dit tout-a-l’heure à mon Papa: vous m’embêtez . . . ah! mais oui . . .” (Isn’t it true, Mother, that it’s really bad to say: ‘You bore me’? Ah! good, my nanny just said to Father: ‘You bore me . . ah! but yes! . . .”. A fine sur blanc impression in fine condition aside from minor tear at bottom edge and tape residue on verso at right edge, full margins.