John Sloan
American (1871-1951)
Nude on the Floor, 1931
Etching and engraving
3×4 IN.

Morse 257, State iii/III. Edition of 75 out of a planned edition of 100. A fine impression in fine condition with full margins. Sloan had a great deal to say about this plate, in part: "One of the best of this group of etchings. shows my interst in achieving foreshortening without perspective. I have said a great deal about this in my 'Gist of Art'... I have been playing around with the graver lately. It is very amusing and I like the clean severe line you can get with it. It is quite difficult to control a curved line, that is, to get something that isn't just an ordinary curve. This plate of the 'Nude on the Floor' has a great deal of graved work in it. These sets of graved lines have something that etched lines don't have--a different tone...One of the chefs d'oeuvre of the lot."

$ 2,100