Rockwell Kent
American (1882-1971)
Portrait of T.M. Cleland, 1929
9×7 IN.

Burne Jones 39. Edition of 1300. Signed in pencil lower right: "Rockwell Kent", titled lower center: "Portrait of Cleland". A fine impression in fine condition. From the Joseph and Marjorie Relkin Collection. Of the 1300 printed, 100 were for artist and 1200 for Alfred E. Hamill's "The Decorative Work of T.M. Cleland," 1929. Of the books published. the first 55 copies were printed as a deluxe edition with the lithgoraphs signed by Kent. Published: "The Decorative Work of T.M. Cleland," 1929; and in Cleland's "Harsh Words," 1940.

$ 650