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Painting by Paul Endres Jr.: Sargent's Expedition, represented by Childs Gallery

Paul Endres Jr.

American (b. 1985)

Sargent’s Expedition, 2014
Oil on panel

Signed lower right: “Paul Endres Jr.”.

Private commision.

From The L#ST B#YS: Paul Endres Jr.’s Children of the Burden. Year 15 Post Burden:

New Boston’s Cephalophoric War had left a divide between its people, and nowhere was that rift more clearly illustrated than in the Sargent Siblings. Separated from their parents and each other after the Collapse of history, the children had to be resourceful in order to survive in a post-Burden world. At the outset of the War, the impressionable Red Sargent aligned himself with the Tyrant King, becoming a key member in his feared enforcer group, the Sons of Ocampo.

Cat, the older of the two, left the city altogether and became a scavenger along the outer walls with the help of her trusty ally Gleeta, whom she was often seen riding. Cat and the city of New Boston lived independent of each other for some time, though after Ocampo’s massacre of rebel forces in Olde Cambridge, it was Cat who organized supply relays into the city to aid the rebels. Of course she was most famous at this time for coordinating the Western Artillery’s Catapult Barrage for which she received her name Cat (short for “Catapult”).

The two siblings were reunited on opposite sides of the battlefield at the Copley Endgame, where in a moment of pre-Burden compassion, they chose family over creed.

Fortunately for them (and every soul in New Boston) the Reign of Ocampo ended that day. In 15-p.B, for first time since the Collapse, satellite expeditions were sent into Burden America. The Sargent Siblings were chosen by Octavian the Pale himself to lead an expedition into northern territories, which suggests their precise objective may be of greater importance than we yet understand. Whether on an a mission for New Boston, or a more familial quest, P.J. Endres Jr. has painted Red and Cat on their ongoing odyssey.

Signature: lower right
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