Nicolaes de Bruyn
Flemish (1571-1656)
Surgentes Autem Seniores, circa 1630
25×18 IN.

Hollstein 31-34; von Wurzbach 10. From "The Story of Susanna". Titled and inscribed in plate lower left in plate: "Surgentes Autem Seniores Illi Duo In Medio Populi Imposuerunt Manus Capiti Suo / Adj. ad. Dan. XIII. 34"; inscribed in plate lower center: "P. Schenk exc. A.C.P." A fine impression in fine condition.

From Daniel 13:34
Now Susanna was exceedingly delicate, and beautiful to behold. But those wicked men commanded that her face should be uncovered, (for she was covered,) that so at least they might be satisfied with her beauty. Therefore her friends and all her acquaintances wept. But the two elders rising up in the midst of the people, laid their hands upon her head. And she weeping looked up to heaven, for her heart had confidence in the Lord.

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