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Print by Tobias Stimmer: Verginius Before Appius Claudius [from Livy's "History of Ro, represented by Childs Gallery

Tobias Stimmer

Swiss (1539-1584)

Verginius Before Appius Claudius [from Livy’s “History of Rome” III.47], c. 1574
Wood cut

Bartsch 64; TIB 64.25. A fine impression in fine condition aside from small discoloration in upper left corner, trimmed with 3/8 inch margins beyond image borderline. Verso bears printed German text.

Tobias Stimmer created 131 woodcuts for the book “Von Ankunfft unnd Ursprung of Römischen Reichs” [“Of Ankunfft and origin of the Roman realm”], featuring the German translation of Titus Livius and Lucius Florus’ Latin text “Ab Urbe Condita” (“From the Founding of the City”). Folio published by Theodosius Rihel in Strasbourg, 1574. Illustrated with 131 woodcuts by Tobias Stimmer framed in various Renaissance cartouches. In the text some woodcut illustrations are used repeatedly to represent different scenes which the printer notes by changing the decorative cartouche that frames the illustration.

Titus Livius or Livy’s work “Ab Urbe Condita” provides the subjects for the Stimmer woodcuts included in the German translation. Written between 64 BC and AD 12, Livius writes about the History of Rome, from its founding (traditionally dated to 753 BC) through the reign of Augustus, which occurred in Livy’s own time.

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