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Print by Jacques Callot: Vita Beatae Mariae Vir. Matris Dei Emblematib. Delineasta (The Life of the Virgin in Emblems), available at Childs Gallery, Boston

Jacques Callot

French (1592-1635)

Vita Beatae Mariae Virginis Matris Dei Emblematibus Delineata (The Life of the Virgin in Emblems), 1628-29/1646

Lieure 626-652. From the second edition published in Paris in 1646 by François Langlois, with numbers added to the plates. Complete series of twenty-seven plates, including frontispiece and twenty-six emblems. Frontispiece inscribed: “Vita Beatae Mariae Vir. Matris Dei Emblematib. Delineata / F.L.D. Il Ciartres excudit. / Callot fec. / Cum Priuil. Regis”. Originally published with letterpress mottoes above the image and explanatory verses below, these etchings are trimmed to or just within the platemark. Each print measures approximately 2 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches. Fine impressions in fine condition. Several prints have been repaired at the corners, reinforced with backing sheet.

The first known edition was published by Antoine Charlot in 1628 or 1629, however the plates themselves may have been engraved at an earlier date. The second edition was published in 1646 by François Langlois; in this edition, numbers were added to the plates, and the verses in letterpress were slightly changed. Lieure attributes the first four plates to Callot, but the other twenty-three are, according to him, of a different manner and should perhaps be attributed to Abraham Bosse. This suggestion is rejected in the exhibition catalogue “Jacques Callot” (Nancy, 1992), No.707-709.