Chuck Close
American (b. 1940)
Watermark Self-Portrait, 2007
Light and shade watermark, abaca and cotton fiber pigmented with carbon black
12×9 IN.

Number 5 in an edition of 35. Numbered top left: "5/35"; dated top right: "2007". Signed lower center: "Chuck Close". Co-published with Dieu Donné Press and Dieu Donné Papermill. Light and shade watermark developed by Crane & Company. A fine impression in fine condition. A fine impression in fine condition.

In Watermark Self-Portrait the image is embedded into the very fabric of the paper, created by a light and shade watermark. Although less apparent in the finished work, Chuck Close’s signature grid system is still present; here the papermaking mold is a grid that functions as a sieve.

$ 12,500