Dudley Vaill Talcott
American (1899-1986)
Cow Barn (side A) and Fishermen in Dory (side B), from The Gathering of Various Types of Food, 1939
Pink cement
17×36 IN.

From the estate of the artist. In fine condition.
Reduced model for one of six 6 x 12 feet plaster panels for the entranceway to the Central Foods Building at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

Two known lifetime casts exist: a set of two 2-sided pink cement panels, each depicting two scenes from the original six panels, and a set of four 1-sided fiberglass panels, each depicting one scene. The original panels were destroyed.

Exhibited: New York World's Fair, New York City, NY, 1929 in plaster; Aetna Life Insurance Galleries, Hartford, CT, 1985 in fiberglass.

Published: The New York Times World's Fair Section, March 5, 1939 (illustrated).

$ 9,500