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Collage by Beau McCall: Diva Worship: Donna Summer, available at Childs Gallery, Boston

Beau McCall

American (b. 1957)

Diva Worship: Donna Summer, 2024
Collage printed with dye sublimation on aluminum

Number 1 in an edition of 3. From the series, Diva Worship.

One of the main elements which made bars such as The Smart Place (referenced in the collage Tony II) popular was the disco music of recording artists such as “Queen of Disco” and Boston native, Donna Summer and Diana Ross. Whether it was the propulsive energy of Summer’s “I Feel Love,” or her sexually liberating song “Love to Love You Baby,” or the empowering lyrics of Ross’ “I’m Coming Out,” the disco music of these divas resonated with the queer community. Their music helped create a safe and joyous environment where McCall, his friends, and other members of the Black LGBTQ+ community could safely dance, socialize, and celebrate life.