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Print by George Cruikshank: Le Retour de Paris, or the niece presented to her relatives , represented by Childs Gallery

George Cruikshank

British (1792-1878)

Le Retour de Paris, or the niece presented to her relatives by her French Governess (The Return from Paris), 1816

Cohn 212; Cohn 1314. From Cruikshankiana, An Assemblage of the Most Celebrated Works of George Cruikshank, published in London by Thomas McLean in 1835. Inscribed in plate lower center: “EHL del 1816–Etched by G. Cruikshank”. Inscribed lower left: “Pubd by Tho s Mc Lean, 26 Haymarket Aug 1st 1835.” Inscribed from left to right: “Well-aday Aunt! Monstrosities are these?” and “In the name of all that’s Christian speak & say What you are, & where you come from, you Hottenpots, _Aye don’t talk to me of Turpuschore / & GreenOwls or any of your Hocuspocus nonsense / Speak plain English you Mountelianks do – or I’ll make you answer before my Husband on of his Majesty’s Justices_I will.” and “Madame j’ai l’honneur de vous presenter votre Niece, elle est tout a fait Française, parle notre langue à la per-fection, chante comme un Ange, danse comme Terpsicore elle même mange les Grenouilles._” (Madame I have the honor to present your Niece, she is completely French, speaks our language perfectly, sings like an angel, dances like a Terpsichore, she even eats frogs.) and “Ma chere Tante Mon Oncle ma Soeur, ne con-naissez vous pas votre petite Emilie?” (My dear Aunt my Oncle my Sister don’t you recognize your little Emily?) and “Oh Diable! comme je tremble quand je regarde le visage menaçant de ce grand Monsieur Bull et quand j’entend la voix barbare de cette Grenadiere je suis pret à mourir_mais je me cacherai autant que je peux derriere Madame_”. (Oh Devil! as I tremble when I look at the menacing face of the big Mr. Bull, and when I hear the barbaric voice of this Grenadiere I am ready to die_but I will hide myself as much as I can behind Madame.) A fine impression in fine condition aside from staining at edges, 1/8 inch upper and lower margins.

Signature: signed in plate lower center
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