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Print by James Gillray: Contemplations upon a Coronet, represented by Childs Gallery

James Gillray


Contemplations upon a Coronet, 1797
Etching, engraving, and aquatint

Tate 170. Bohn edition, reprinted in 1851 from the original copper plate and bound in the folio. Godfrey 170, BMC 9074 [verso The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche, 1797. Godfrey 171; BMC 9076.] Initialed lower right and lower center in plate: “J.s G.y inv & ft.” Inscribed in plate lower left: “Pub.d March 25th 1797 by H. Humphrey New Bond Street & St. James Street. Pub.d March 20th 1797 by H. Humphrey Bond Street & St. James Street.” Inscribed in plate lower center: “Contemplations upon a Coronet., _”A Coronet!_o fless my sweet little heart!_ah, it must be mine, now there’s nobody left to hinder!_and then, hey, for my Lady Nimminney-pimmenney!_O, Gemmine!_no more Straw Beds in Barns, no scowling Managers! & Curtsying to a dirty Public!_but a Coronet upohnmy Coach; _Dasting at hte Opera!_shining at teh court !_Odear! edear! what I sall come to”.

Signature: Initialed in plate