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Sculpture By Donald De Lue: Chanson D'amour At Childs Gallery

Donald De Lue

American (1897-1988)

Chanson d’Amour, 1986

Bronze with Renaissance Brown patina, as well as Pewter patina on instrument. Number 1 in an edition of 12. Signed and inscribed on base: ‘De LUE sc 1980 / ? 1986 1/12’. Cast at the Tallix Foundry in Beacon, NY. Mounted on Imperial Black marble base measuring 8 1/10 x 7 9/10 x 1 inches.

Note: Chanson d’Amour was actually modeled in 1986, but De Lue occassionally put the wrong date on the wax during the casting. See page XI thru XIII of ‘The Sculpture of Donald De Lue / Gods, Prophets, and Heroes’ by D. Roger Howlett regarding issues concerning dating of sculptures.

‘French titles are rare in De Lue’s work, although he spoke the language well. The ancient lyre in her hand suggests a classical iconography’ from D. Roger Howlett ‘Donald De Lue: Gods, Prophets, and Heroes,’ 1990, pg. 173.