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Sculpture by Donald De Lue: Penelope Stout, Preservationist Foundation, available at Childs Gallery, Boston

Donald De Lue

American (1897-1988)

Penelope Stout, Preservationist Foundation, 1980

Howlett 23. Signed: “De Lue”. Struck by Sasson’s, Farmingdale, N.J., Perry’s Trophy, Longwood, N.J. Obverse: Two male figures, an American Indian and a soldier, assist a woman and her baby to a boat; inscribed: “1622 / First Lady of Monmouth / 1732”. Reverse: Woman thrown over American Indian’s shoulder; sun and ocean in background; inscribed: “Penelope Stout”. Howlett lists only a pewter pressing of this medal. 

Signature: inscribed
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