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Sculpture by Donald De Lue: Preservationist Foundation Commemorative Medal, available at Childs Gallery, Boston

Donald De Lue

American (1897-1988)

Preservationist Foundation Commemorative Medal, 1979

Howlett 22. Signed: “De Lue”. Struck by Sasson’s, Farmingdale, N.J., Perry’s Trophy, Longwood, N.J. Obverse: Whaleboatmen pushing boats out of reeds, with British boat burning in background. Reverse: Colonial woman watching as whale boat returns, British ship burns; inscribed: “Whaleboat Warfare, Shoal Harbor, 1776-1783”. This medal commemorates the 200th anniversary of whaleboat warfare at Raritan and Sandy Hook, marking the remarkable feat of 72 continentals who defended New Jersey’s shore against the attack of 800 British fighters during the Revolutionary War. 

Signature: inscribed
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